How to Lose Weight.

Aanchal Bahadur
2 min readNov 18, 2016

I have no idea. Stop eating sugar or just tuck your tummy in when they’re snapchatting you.

Now that I have your attention, I want to talk about something more important.

The Internet and the colossal damage it is doing to my determination to stay happy. I happen to be living in a remote corner of the world where the weather, the White House and World Wide Web have all turned very gloomy.

You might argue that it’s not the internet - it is reality. Yours and mine. Do something. Take action. Frankly, I’m tired and can’t keep up anymore. There must be something in the world that everyone is on the same side of — something that warrants a like, not a comment. A smile, not a comment trying hard not to be an essay (it is, it really is, long and garrulous).

In other words, something the nation doesn’t want to know.

I believe one needs to have a distractions list handy in such cruel times — let’s see, what could one possibly do without the internet?


—Or if in Delhi, spend time thinking about buying an air purifier.

— Watch people, all the people, there are so many (unnecessary) people.

— Go out for a walk, use the path between buildings.

— Draw, paint, too much effort — just scribble.

— Shop in a real store that has walls, people, name, place, animal, thing.

—Write a white paper on the Candy Crush Saga phenomenon — there is nothing that explains why I still get invites.

— Eat Masala Dosa (but then you can’t lose weight..hmm)

— I don’t know. Do anything. Find something else to do. Please.

I am not sure if I am seeking help so we can collectively improve the quality of discourse on the internet. I guess one can’t spend enough time trying to trump partisan memes. Maybe we can continue contributing to the chatter without making too much noise.

People often feel the urge to take time off and disconnect. It’s not uncommon. But there is something about everything that I read and see these days that makes me want to unplug and hide - more than ever before.

Sort of like this:

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